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    Staying organized in the bathroom can be a challenge. Typically, there is a lot to store and a small place to do it. Here are a few suggestions:

    • If space is a problem, take a good look at your bathroom. What space is available that you are not using? Consider small stackable drawers for on the counter or corner shelves to increase available storage.
    • Empty your medicine cabinet or bathroom closet and give everything the reality look as you are going through it. Look at each item and decide if you really need it. Divide the items into “Keep”, “Throw Away”, “Not Sure”. When you are done, divide the “Not Sure” pile into either the “Keep” or “Throw Away” pile.
    • To make toiletries and overstocked items more manageable, separate them by category and containerize them in plastic baskets. Create piles for items such as hair care products, nail care products, adult medicine, pediatric medicine, sun care products, oral care products, etc. Be sure to sort through your products first, then purchase your baskets according to what size and shape you need. Label each basket.
    • If you have an abundance of hair accessories, separate them into rubber bands, barrettes, hair clips, etc. Then purchase containers for each item and store them in a drawer or cupboard. The container store has some excellent products. Visit their website at Scrunchies store nicely on a hanging round belt rack that opens in one place where you can remove one scrunchy at a time. You can find these hangers in most department stores.
    • Keep a trashcan next to the sink and/or next to the toilet in each bathroom. This is where items are discarded the most. Having it anywhere else just makes it harder to throw things out.
    • Have a get ready basket for yourself. Use a cleaning caddy that holds the things you need to get ready in the morning. Store your blow dryer, curling iron, brushes, make-up and medication in it. When you get ready in the morning pull out the caddy and perform your morning ritual. When you are done, put it all back in the caddy and store it under the sink.
    • Give each member of the family a different color towel (two of them). Instead of hanging them in the bathroom, have a hook in each person’s bedroom on the back of their door. This helps family members to keep track of their towels and saves on laundry.
    • If your children are like mine, they receive many different types of specialty shampoos and soaps as birthday gifts. To prevent the accumulation of multiple bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body soap, assign each child a shower basket. A plastic basket with a handle that holds their shampoo, conditioner and specialty soaps. Keep one type of shampoo, conditioner and soap in the shower. If they prefer to use their own, they can keep it in their shower basket and bring it in with them when they shower.
    • Stagger wake up times. This prevents the scramble for the bathroom all at once.

    Organizing a bathroom can seem impossible at times, but it doesn’t have to be. It can actually be a good “starter” area if you are just getting into organizing. So set aside an afternoon and tackle that bathroom. When you have completed this project, shower yourself with praise!