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    Get Organized – Maintenance Plans are a Necessity

    One important element to getting organized is implementing a daily maintenance plan. Depending on your situation, this could mean different things. Being organized is having a place for everything and everything in its place. Your daily maintenance plan ensures that everything that is out of place makes it back where it belongs.

    In an office situation your daily maintenance plan would include taking 15 minutes at the end of the day to clear your desk. If you could work on one project at a time, that would be nice, but not very realistic. Most people have several projects going at once. How many times do you start working on one project and a client calls, you pull their folder and another client calls and you pull their folder? Next thing you know, you look down and your desk is a mess. That’s not out of the ordinary and does not mean you are a disorganized person, just a busy one. The key in this situation is to clear your desk at the end of the day, putting your client folders and projects back in their perspective places.

    Whether maintaining a home or an office, an important element is your agenda planner. An agenda planner is a central place where you keep your calendar, to-do lists, address book and other pertinent information. Your agenda planner requires daily maintenance also. You should take 15 minutes either at the beginning or end of the day and update your calendar, to-do lists and priorities for the next day. A good time to do this in an office is when you clear your desk.

    While you’re putting folders away you can be updating the next steps for projects and prioritize the items you’re working on. Keeping up with your agenda planner is equally important in a household. Many people don’t realize how essential this is but it helps you stay focused and on top of important things going on in your life.

    The most important daily maintenance in a household is what I call “pick up time”. This is a scheduled time that your family chooses when everyone is home, usually in the evening just before bed. EVERYONE in the family stops what they’re doing at this time and participates in picking up. You start in one place, and continue throughout the house putting everything that was left out back where it belongs. It should not take more than 15 minutes if you do it every day. Everything gets picked up whether it belongs to that person or not.

    This stifles the constant nagging for everyone to pick up after themselves. You give your children the choice of doing it as they go along or face a bigger mess at the end of the day. If your family is home all day, such as the weekends, you may find that two pick up times work better. You should have one set time for each day, but if schedules conflict, be flexible. Plan ahead and arrange for pick up time earlier if you have a busy evening schedule.

    Daily maintenance plans are very important to becoming and remaining organized. As I said earlier, being organized is having a place for everything and everything in its place. It only makes sense that you need to create time in your daily routine to ensure that things make it back to their proper place.