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    Organizing Children’s Areas

    With the Holidays upon us it’s inevitable that our children are going to be inundated with toys and possessions. With the increase in items it’s more important than ever to be organized. This is the perfect time to organizing your children’s bedrooms and play room.

    Have your children help you organize their belongings. Have them help you survey what is working and what is not. Look at the organizational process as a learning experience. It’s a skill that will help your children immensely in all facets of life.

    Assess your children’s rooms or play room from their level. Get down on the floor so you can see what they see. You’ll be surprised how different the view is.

    Explain to your children that there are children in this world that are less fortunate than them. Then ask them to help decide which toys are going to be donated to the “needy children”. It makes them feel good that they are helping others and at the same time they’re eliminating clutter from their rooms.

    Zoning is very important when organizing children’s areas. You can zone toys into areas such as:

    • Puzzle zone
    • Craft zone
    • Game zone
    • Building toys zone
    • Sports equipment zone
    • Reading zone
    • Stuffed animal zone

    Zone a play room into age appropriate areas. Install shelving and put toys for the youngest child on the lowest level and go up from there. Toys that children need assistance with should be kept on the highest shelf.

    Store toys in clear containers without lids if possible. This makes toys more accessible and easier to put away.

    Clearly label all containers and zones. If your children can’t read, label with pictures. Labeling doesn’t only help the children find their toys, but also helps them put them away.

    Avoid large toy boxes without a purpose, where all toys are thrown in together. Toy boxes inevitably become catch alls when used in this way and takes away from the zoning concept.

    Now that you have the organization, a maintenance plan is a must. Designate a daily pick up time in your household. This is a time where all family members pitch in and all things are put back in their proper place.

    The after Holiday mess can be overwhelming, but don’t look at it that way. Look at it as an opportunity to organize areas that were already in need of help. And remember Mark Twain’s quote - “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”