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    Before and After

    I have a considerable amount of people tell me that I should have before and after pictures as part of my website.  This is something that I do not agree with and for one simple reason:

    It's not about how it looks!  It's about what happens between the before and after.  That is where all the hard work is done, all the tough decisions are made and positive habits are reinforced.  That is what we at Completely Organized, Inc. specialize in.  Making that thing that happens in between the before and after a meaningful, productive and fun time!

    I do not make it a practice to judge people on the way things "look".   I cannot walk into a random persons office or house and make a judgment on how organized that person is just by looking at their space.  Disorganization is about how they feel, their level of stress and how efficient they are.

    However, I do believe that before and after pictures help the client.  It is a positive reinforcement of a job well done for them.  It can also serve as a nice reminder of what their new space should look like, what they don't want to go back to, and to keep it efficient and stress-free.